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The Out of South India Origin of Life, Homo Neanderthalis and Human Species - the Descent of the Woman and Fertile Backwaters of Kerala- Aquatic Apes, Vanara Tribes, Parthenogenesis, Neanderthals, Amazonians and Male Eunuchs- the Last Refuge of Neanderthals in South India
Ravikumar Kurup,  Parameswara Achutha Kurup
ISBN: 978-1-946898-51-7
6.3 x 9.1 inches, 312pp, Paperback: $110
Published Date: January, 2019
To order hard copies, please contact book@openscienceonline.com
Key Words
Fertile Backwaters, Peninsular India, Aquatic Apes, Out of South India Origin

Key Sentences
The backwaters and sea of the South Asian peninsular landmass is rich in actinides. The actinides would have formed scaffolds for the formation of RNA viroids, DNA viroids, isoprenoid organism and prions on actinidic surfaces which would have symbiosed to form archaea and eventual multicellular organisms. The bonobo Lemurian monkeys would have evolved into homo neanderthalis by archaeal endosymbiosis in the actinidic shores of backwaters, lakes and oceans of peninsular India. The homo neanderthalic possibly arose in the Lemurian oceanic landmass supporting the theory of the aquatic ape origin of humans. The neanderthalic behaviour can be compared to the promiscuous behaviour of the bonobo monkeys or lemurs seen in the ancient Lemurian continent. The bonobo monkeys owing to shortage of food would have started foraging the backwaters and sea for fish and tubers of water lilies. The fish contains essential fatty acids like docosa hexaenoic acid and tubers contain plenty of carbohydrates. The essential fatty acids and carbohydrates would have increased the brain growth. The brain growth in humans is called encephalisation. The aquatic ape and homo neanderthalis would have evolved in the actinidic sand shores of backwaters and lakes of Lemuria and peninsular India.
The Full Book PDF PDF
Front Matter PDF
Chapter 1 The Out of South India Origin of Life, Homo Neanderthalis and Human Species - The Descent of the Woman and Fertile Backwaters of Kerala - Aquatic Apes, Vanara Tribes, Parthenogenesis, Neanderthals, Amazonians and Male Eunuchs - The Last Refuge of Neanderthals in South India PDF
Chapter 2 Fossilised Neanderthal Matrilineal Societies - Neoneanderthal Hybrids, Endosymbiotic Actinidic Archaea and Civilizational Diseases PDF
Chapter 3 Neanderthalic Cholesterol and Actinide Dependent Shadow Biosphere of Archaea and Viroids Indicating Cholesterol Based Abiogenesis - Evolution of the Biological Universe PDF
Chapter 4 Evidence for Out of Oceania Origin of Homo Neanderthalis from the Lemurian Supercontinent in the Indian Ocean PDF
Chapter 5 The Neanderthals and Proto-Dravidian Civilization - An Oceanic Origin for Rig Veda PDF
Chapter 6 The Modern Neanderthal Civilization and the Cro-Magnon Neanderthal Conflict - Evidence from Human Biology PDF
Chapter 7 The Homo Neanderthalis and The Dravidians - A Common Origin and Relation to Harappan Civilization and Vedas PDF
Chapter 8 The Archaeal Induced Spiritual and Evil Brain PDF
Chapter 9 Climate Change, Global Warming and Alternate Sexual Matrilineal Neoneanderthals PDF
Chapter 10 Neurobiology of Socio-Political, Spiritual, Sexual and Cultural Identity PDF
Chapter 11 The Tribe of Male Eunuchs - Sexuality in Neanderthals and Neoneanderthals PDF
Chapter 12 Archaea Induced Stem Cell Syndrome and Androgynous Creative Matriarchal Cannibalistic Capitalistic State PDF
Chapter 13 The Archaeal Induced Stem Cell Conversion Produces an Epidemic Benjamin Buttons Reverse Aging Syndrome Leading to Neuropsychiatric Diseases and a Spiritual, Surrealistic Evil Brain PDF
Chapter 14 The Cassandra Hypothesis - Actinidic Archaeal Symbiosis, Homo Sapien Neanderthalisation, Genomic - Metabolic - Neural Networks - Immune Inflexibility and Neuropsychiatric Pathology PDF
Chapter 15 Porphyrin Mediated Bose-Einstein’s Condensates Mediate Conscious and Quantal Perception and Functions as Observer for the Quantal World - Generating the Macroscopic Universe PDF
Chapter 16 Archaeaon and Vitamin C Synthesis - The Vitaminocyte Organelle PDF
Back Matter PDF
Ravikumar Kurup
Dr. Ravikumar Kurup trained in Internal Medicine, Neurology and Metabolic Medicine at Medical College, Trivandrum and Christian Medical College, Vellore. He holds a doctorate degree in Internal Medicine and Neurology. He is a member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, India. He works as Professor of Metabolic Medicine and Metabolic Neurology at Metabolic Disorders Research Center, Trivandrum. He also works as Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of the divisions of Metabolic Medicine and Hematology at Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum. His areas of research interests are in Neurochemistry and Metabolic Medicine.

Parameswara Achutha Kurup
The Metabolic Disorders Research Centre, TC 4/1525, Gouri Sadan, Kattu Road North of Cliff House, Kowdiar PO Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
Experts in Neurology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Biology, Medicine, Philosophy, Climatology, Evolution, Sociology, Computational Biology, Anthropology, Politics, Internet Studies
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