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Benefits of Publishing Books with Open Science

Here at we are committed to the effective and timely dissemination of high quality, peer-reviewed books.

Our authors range from early-career academics to eminent scholars. We offer authors full copyright, faster publishing time, flexibility to amend and update their work and a greater number of readers. We make publication decisions based on academic merit and public value-rather than commercial considerations-through a rigorous peer review and editorial process.
Your work, your copyright
Authored Books include illustrative chapters delving into emerging research in niche areas, models, methodologies, and concepts. The development duration of an Authored Book takes approximately 6-12 months in total from contract finalization to completed manuscript submission. Authored books provide a unique opportunity for specific subject analysis and in-depth development of your discipline.
Open Access equals more readers
Allowing free access to your research means that more people will be able to engage with your ideas around the world, and provides more opportunity for the citation of your work. The peer-review process is designed to ensure the high quality of every book submitted to and published by Open Science and is required before acceptance for publication or presentation.
Beautiful printed editions
As well as a digital edition, we provide paperback and hardback editions that will be distributed through all the traditional booksellers. Book is available for sales on Amazon.com and many other websites. And offer a high-quality, beautifully-designed final product.
Peer review
Open Science offers careful evaluation of any proposal or sample material, and constructive feedback and advice throughout the process of publication. The peer-review process is designed to ensure the high quality of every book submitted to and published by Open Science and is required before acceptance for publication or presentation. If you would like, we will consult you on every aspect of your book, from the cover design to the back page blurb.
Speedy service
We drastically reduce publishing times. We aim to make publishing decisions within four weeks of receipt of the full book proposal, and print-on-demand technology allows us to have your book published and available for purchase within a few months of the final manuscript being passed as ready. This can be enormously beneficial if you are applying for grants or jobs-your book will be in the public arena sooner. It also means we have much shorter deadlines for research assessment exercises.
Personalized attention
It may take us a while to read your query, but you can be sure that we are going to read the whole thing. If you don't have a great "hook" in your first paragraph, we don't care-we'll keep reading. Many times the very best books start out with a weak first chapter, which can be re-written later-or not.
A personalized distribution and marketing plan
Each of our books is submitted to a distributor individually. We try to choose the very best distributor for each work, depending upon its genre and other features such as local color. We write individualized press releases for each of our books as well. We encourage our authors to help us come up with ideas for electronic and print marketing. We are in this together!
Author-friendly contracts
We offer simple terms and we are very open to negotiation. We ask only for rights that we wish to use.
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