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Metaphoric Sexual Memes, Archaeal RNA Viroidal Quasi-Species Consortia and the Origin of Human Languages and Culture
Ravikumar Kurup,  Parameswara Achutha Kurup
ISBN: 978-1-946898-17-3
6.3 x 9.1 inches, 114pp, Paperback: $80
Published Date: March, 2017
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Key Words
Metaphoric Sexual Memes, Archaeal RNA Viroid Quasi-Species Consortia, Origin of Human Languages, Tics Syndrome

Key Sentences
Memes are building blocks of mind. They are also the building blocks of culture. The memes make up language and religion. The origin of speech can also be related to archaeal RNA viroidal quasi-species consortia. Speech origin can be compared to an epidemic la tourette’s disease which consists of vocal tics, motor tics, coprolalia and obsessive compulsive disorder. The archaea and secreted RNA viroidal modulation by extraterrestrial and terrestrial contacts with the brain and symbiosis can produce vocal tics and coprolalic words and phrases akin to la tourette’s disease producing a primitive form of speech. The motor tics would have evolved to artistic dance and drama forms. The primitive vocal and motor tics which would have been the substratum for civilized speech would have originated as a tic syndrome consequent to extraterrestrial and terrestrial archaeal and RNA viroidal infection and symbiosis.
The Full Book PDF PDF
FrontMatter PDF
Chapter 1 Metaphoric Sexual Memes, Archaeal RNA Viroidal Quasi-Species Consortia and the Origin of Human Languages and Culture PDF
Chapter 2 Memes, Genes and Cerebellar Function PDF
Chapter 3 Archaeal Modulated Mirror Quantal Perceptive Neurons Mediate Consciousness and Functions as Quantal Observer PDF
Chapter 4 Anti-Gravitational Waves, the Universe and Structure of the Human Unconscious Mind - Evidence from Studies on Schizophrenia and Autism PDF
Chapter 5 The Surrealistic and Syntheistic Brain - Climate Change, Internet Exposure and Neanderthalisation of Brain - Evolution of Homo Neoneanderthalis PDF
Chapter 6 The Archaeal Induced Stem Cell Conversion Produces an Epidemic Benjamin Buttons Reverse Aging Syndrome leading to Systemic & Neuropsychiatric Diseases and a Spiritual, Surrealistic Evil Brain PDF
Chapter 7 A Biological Basis for Philosophy, Economics, History, Politics, Literature, Social Movements, Feminism, Alternate Sexuality and Globalization PDF
Chapter 8 Neanderthal Metabolonomics and Androgynous Behavioural Patterns PDF
Chapter 9 Archaea Induced Stem Cell Syndrome and Androgynous Creative Matriarchal Cannibalistic Capitalistic State PDF
BackMatter PDF
Ravikumar Kurup
Dr. Ravikumar Kurup trained in Internal Medicine, Neurology and Metabolic Medicine at Medical College, Trivandrum and Christian Medical College, Vellore. He holds a doctorate degree in Internal Medicine and Neurology. He is a member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, India. He works as Professor of Metabolic Medicine and Metabolic Neurology at Metabolic Disorders Research Center, Trivandrum. He also works as Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of the divisions of Metabolic Medicine and Hematology at Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum. His areas of research interests are in Neurochemistry and Metabolic Medicine.

Parameswara Achutha Kurup
The Metabolic Disorders Research Centre, TC 4/1525, Gouri Sadan, Kattu Road North of Cliff House, Kowdiar PO Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
Experts in Linguistics, Anthropology, Virology, Neurology, Philosophy
Office Address:
228 Park Ave., S#45956, New York, NY 10003
Phone: +(001)(347)535 0661
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