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The Neurobiology of Alternate Sexuality and Gender Identity – Relation to the Brain as an Archaeal Colony with Neanderthal Metabolonomics
Ravikumar Kurup,  Parameswara Achutha Kurup
ISBN: 978-1-941926-28-4
6.3 x 9.1 inches, 107pp, Paperback: $66
Published Date: July, 2015
To order hard copies, please contact book@openscienceonline.com
The global warming produces extremes of temperature and accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide resulting in growth of symbiotic extremophiles like archaea. Archaea can induce dedifferentiation of somatic cells to stem cells which lose their function. The archaeal magnetite induces quantal extrasensory perception of low level of EMF. This results in low level of EMF effect on the brain producing cortical atrophy especially the prefrontal cortex. The primitive parts of the brain dominate with cerebellum and brain stem undergoing hypertrophy. The cortex has different hemispheric dominance in males and females. The right hemisphere is a creative hemisphere and is male. The left hemisphere is the practical hemisphere and is female. When the cortex atrophies the hemispheric differentiation and the effect on behavior is obliterated. The cortical effect on male and female behavior is lost. Behaviour becomes uniform and single and is dominated by the primitive brain stem and cerebellar cortex. This forms the basis of the androgynous state and alternate forms of sexuality.
The Full Book PDF PDF
Front Matter PDF
Chapter 1 Neanderthal Metabolonomics and Androgynous Behavioural Patterns PDF
Chapter 2 Archaea Induced Stem Cell Syndrome and Androgynous Creative Matriarchal Cannibalistic Capitalistic State PDF
Chapter 3 The Modern Neanderthal Civilization and the Cromagnon Neanderthal Conflict – Relation to Gender Behaviour – Evidence from Human Biology PDF
Chapter 4 The Archaeal Induced Stem Cell Conversion Produces an Epidemic Benjamin Buttons Reverse Aging Syndrome Leading to Alternate Sexuality, Neuropsychiatric Diseases and a Spiritual, Surrealistic Evil Brain PDF
Chapter 5 The Surrealistic, Syntheistic, Asexual Brain – Relation to Climate Change, Internet Exposure and Neanderthalisation of Brain – Evolution of Homo Neoneanderthalis PDF
Chapter 6 A Biological Basis for Philosophy, Economics, History, Politics, Literature, Social Movements, Feminism, Alternate Sexuality and Globalisation PDF
Chapter 7 Neurobiology of Sociopolitical, Spiritual, Sexual and Cultural Identity PDF
Chapter 8 Climate Change, Global Warming and Alternate Sexual Matrilineal Neo-Neanderthals PDF
Back Matter PDF
Dr. Ravikumar Kurup
Dr. Ravikumar Kurup trained in Internal Medicine, Neurology and Metabolic Medicine at Medical College, Trivandrum and Christian Medical College, Vellore. He holds a doctorate degree in Internal Medicine and Neurology. He is a member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, India. He works as Professor of Metabolic Medicine and Metabolic Neurology at Metabolic Disorders Research Center, Trivandrum. He also works as Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of the divisions of Metabolic Medicine and Hematology at Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum. His areas of research interests are in Neurochemistry and Metabolic Medicine.
Parameswara Achutha Kurup
The Metabolic Disorders Research Centre, TC 4/1525, Gouri Sadan, Kattu Road North of Cliff House, Kowdiar PO Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
Experts in Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Genitourinary Medicine, Sexology
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