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Food and Economics of the Poor
Haradhan Kumar Mohajan
ISBN: 978-1-941926-02-4
6.3 x 9.1 inches, 221pp, Paperback: $89, PDF: $29
Published Date: September, 2014
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In this book the author gave priority to food and poverty of four poor countries of the world, one in Asia and the three other in Africa. In the final chapter the author has discussed global food price hike and its effect in the poor countries.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in Asia. The main causes of poverty of this country are illiteracy and corruption. It is considered as one of the major labor exporting countries of the world.

Ethiopia is considered as the poorest country in the world but it is also considered to be one of the oldest nations in the world. It depends on the rainfed agriculture. It is one of the few countries that were never colonized, although it was occupied by Italy from 1936–1941. Zambia is one of the poorest countries in the world and is considered a least developed country. Malnutrition is a chronic and difficult problem of Zambia. The economy of Kenya has been continued to be the largest in the East African region and third largest in Sub-Saharan Africa after South Africa and Nigeria respectively. At present Kenya is one of the most highly literate countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
Front Matter  
Chapter-I Food and Agriculture of Bangladesh  
      1.1 Introduction  
      1.2 Natural Calamities in Bangladesh  
      1.3 Water Management and Irrigation System  
      1.4 Land Possession System in Bangladesh  
      1.5 Effects of Food Price Inflation  
      1.6 Food and Nutritional Scenario in Bangladesh  
         1.6.1 Food Security  
         1.6.2 Livestock in Bangladesh  
         1.6.3 Food Gap and Self-sufficiency Ratio in Bangladesh  
         1.6.4 Access to Food in Bangladesh  
         1.6.5 Foreign Aid in Bangladesh  
         1.6.6 Food Aid in Bangladesh  
      1.7 Victims of Food Price Soar  
      1.8 Social Safety Net Programmes (SSNPs)  
         1.8.1 Definition of Social Safety Net Programmes  
         1.8.2 Social Protection (SP)  
      1.9 SSNPs in Bangladesh  
      1.10 Food and Cash Transfer Programmes in Bangladesh  
         1.10.1 Infrastructure and Construction Programmes  
         1.10.2 Rural Education Programmes  
         1.10.3 Relief Programmes  
         1.10.4 The VGD Programme  
         1.10.5 Food for Asset Creation (FFA) and Rural Maintenance Programme (RMP)  
         1.10.6 One Hundred Days Employment Generation Programme  
      1.11 Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh  
      1.12 Recommendations and Suggestions  
Chapter-II Economic Situation of Bangladesh  
      2.1 Introduction  
      2.2 Major Economic Problems in Bangladesh  
      2.3 Economic Development of Bangladesh  
      2.4 Remittance Flow in Bangladesh  
         2.4.1 Migration of Labor  
         2.4.2 Remittance, Inflation and GDP  
      2.5 Debts and Deficit in Bangladesh  
      2.6 Collapse of the Capital Market  
Chapter-III Zambia is a Developing Country in Sub-Saharan Africa  
      3.1 Introduction  
      3.2 Zambia is an African Country  
      3.3 Climate of Zambia  
      3.4 National and International Trades  
      3.5 Agriculture of Zambia  
      3.6 Economic Situation of Zambia  
      3.7 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Zambia  
      3.8 Health and Nutrition  
      3.9 The US Health Programmes in Zambia  
      3.10 Education  
      3.11 Emergency Food Aid  
Chapter-IV Poverty and Economic Development of Kenya  
      4.1 Introduction  
      4.2 Agriculture in Kenya  
      4.3 Staple Food of Kenya  
         4.3.1 Food Security in Kenya  
         4.3.2 Food Insecurity in Urban Areas  
      4.4 Inflation in Kenya  
      4.5 Food Export and Import in Kenya  
      4.6 Economic Conditions of Kenya  
      4.7 Food and Cash Aid in Kenya  
      4.8 Education in Kenya  
      4.9 Health in Kenya  
      4.10 Climate of Kenya  
      4.11 Corruption in Kenya  
Chapter-V Ethiopia is the Land of Chronic Poverty  
      5.1 Introduction  
      5.2 Country Briefing  
      5.3 History of Ethiopia  
      5.4 Education in Ethiopia  
         5.4.1 Primary and Secondary Education System  
         5.4.2 Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)  
         5.4.3 Higher Education  
         5.4.4 Education Facilities for Disabilities  
         5.4.5 Major Difficulties in Ethiopian Education  
      5.5 Health and Nutrition in Ethiopia  
         5.5.1 Development in Health Sector of Ethiopia  
         5.5.2 HIV Infection in Ethiopia  
      5.6 Agriculture in Ethiopia  
         5.6.1 Extension of Agriculture in Ethiopia  
         5.6.2 Coffee Production in Ethiopia  
      5.7 Security of Food in Ethiopia  
         5.7.1 Inflation in Ethiopia  
         5.7.2 Inflation in Urban Areas  
         5.7.3 Government’s Step to Face Inflation  
      5.8 Economy of Ethiopia  
      5.9 Poverty in Ethiopia  
      5.10 Effects of Child Marriage in Ethiopia  
      5.11 Child Laborers in Ethiopia  
      5.12 Export and Import in Ethiopia  
      5.13 Political Instability in Ethiopia  
      5.14 Media in Ethiopia  
      5.15 Foreign Aid in Ethiopia  
Chapter-VI Global Food Price Hike  
      6.1 Introduction  
      6.2 Global Biofuels Production Affects Food Prices  
         6.2.1 Statistics of Global Biofuel Production  
         6.2.2 Science and Technology (S&T) in Agriculture  
         6.2.3 Global Nutrition  
      6.3 Global Inflation of Food  
      6.4 Global Food Situation in 2012  
      6.5 Physical and Mental Effects on Children during the Food Price Hike  
      6.6 Food Crisis in South Asia  
      6.7 Subsidies in Food Prices  
      6.8 Food Price Hike in Africa  
      6.9 Involvement of Women in Agriculture  
      6.10 Recommendations  
      6.11 Concluding Remarks  
Back Matter  
Haradhan Kumar Mohajan
An Assistant Professor at Premier University, Chittagong, Bangladesh. He received his Master Degree in Mathematics from the University of Chittagong and M. Phil in Theoretical Physics from the same University. He has submitted his PhD Dissertation in Mathematical Economics and Social Science in January 2012 in the same University. He has 63 published papers in the reputed journals. He has also 17 published books and 1 book to appear. He is a member of American Association of International Researchers (AAIR) and advisor of Hasnabad Graduate Forum. He is also the reviewer of many reputed journals.
Core audiences of the book are researchers of under graduate and graduate programs. The common students can also read the book. The market of the books is worldwide but the readers of the developing countries will be gained more from the book. Some common people who are related to the field can read the book.
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