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American Journal of Engineering, Technology and Society
American Journal of Engineering, Technology and Society is an emerging academic journal in the field of engineering, technology and society. The motive and aim of this journal is to create awareness, re-shaping the knowledge already created and challenge the existing theories related to the field of Academic Research in any discipline in general and Medical Sciences. Social Sciences, Technology and Engineering in specific. It invites engineering, professors, researchers, professionals, academicians and research scholars to submit their novel and conjectural ideas in the domain of Engineering and Technology in the shape of research articles, book reviews, case studies, review articles and personal opinions that can benefit the engineering and technology researchers in general and society as a whole.
ISSN Print: 2381-6171
ISSN Online: 2381-618X
Volume 2, Issue 6, November 2015
Stress and Strain Analysis for a Ladder Truck Chassis
Nagwa  A. Abdel-halim,   Mohamed  M. M. Abdel-hafiz
Pages: 131-139  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 107  Since Oct. 14, 2015    Views: 1650  Since Oct. 14, 2015
Vibrations Analysis of Circular Plate with Piezoelectric Actuator Using Thin Plate Theory and Bessel Function
Mohammad  Amin Rashidifar,   Ali  Amin Rashidifar
Pages: 140-156  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 98  Since Oct. 14, 2015    Views: 1650  Since Oct. 14, 2015
The Effects of Engineering Physics Achievements on Climate Change
Arezu  Jahanshir
Pages: 157-161  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 76  Since Nov. 3, 2015    Views: 1576  Since Nov. 3, 2015
Gold Recovery by Cyanide Leaching: A Case Study of Small Scale Miners in Tanzania
Justin  William Ntalikwa
Pages: 162-166  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 73  Since Nov. 11, 2015    Views: 1457  Since Nov. 11, 2015
Selection for the Best Less-Parameter Carbonation Depth Model
Mishuk  Bhattacharjee,   Md.  Arifur Rahman,   Arafat  Sharif Munna,   Md.  Ashrafuzzaman,   Md.  Ayanul Huq Chowdhury,   Shovon  Barua
Pages: 167-179  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 64  Since Dec. 9, 2015    Views: 1625  Since Dec. 9, 2015
An Ant Colony System for Solving Fuzzy Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
Ghorbanali  Mohammadi,   Darius  Mohammadi
Pages: 180-187  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 64  Since Dec. 18, 2015    Views: 1664  Since Dec. 18, 2015
The Study of Motorcycle Hub Materials and Analysis Under Critical Load Environments
Chidiebere  Sobechukwu Metu,   Dim  Nathan Uche,   Sunday  Christopher Aduloju,   Obumneme  Onyedum,   Kenechukwu  Okechukwu
Pages: 188-192  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 50  Since Jan. 10, 2016    Views: 1559  Since Jan. 10, 2016
Comparative Mechanical Analysis of Okra Fiber and Banana Fiber Composite Used in Manufacturing Automotive Car Bumpers
Obumneme  Onyedum,   Sunday  Christopher Aduloju,   Sumaila  Onimisi Sheidu,   Chidiebere  Sobechukwu Metu,   Oluwasegun  Biodun Owolabi
Pages: 193-199  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 57  Since Jan. 11, 2016    Views: 1697  Since Jan. 11, 2016
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