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Ultrasonic Study of Nonlinear Internal Friction and Creep in Rocks under Uniaxial Stress
Current Issue
Volume 2, 2015
Issue 5 (September)
Pages: 83-91   |   Vol. 2, No. 5, September 2015   |   Follow on         
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Valery Tsaplev, Dep. of Electroacoustics and Ultrasonics Engineering, Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Dep. of Physics, North-West Open Technical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
R. Konovalov, Dep. of Electroacoustics and Ultrasonics Engineering, Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
R. Ivanyuk, Dep. of Electroacoustics and Ultrasonics Engineering, Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Victor Zverevich, Dep. of Mine Surveying, National Mineral Resourses University (“Gorny”), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Grigory Zhukov, Dep. of Mine Surveying, National Mineral Resourses University (“Gorny”), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
The influence of the uniaxial static stress on the internal friction of different polycrystalline rocks was studied using the ultrasonic method of loaded complex oscillator. Different rocks with different coefficients of internal friction were studied – granite, dolomite, granulite, gabbro, hibinite, quartz, quartzite. Strong dependence of the internal friction coefficient from the uniaxial stress was found. These changes are accompanied by essential creep. Possible reasons for these phenomena are discussed.
Polycrystalline Rocks, Microporosity, Microcracks, Nonlinear Elasticity, Creep, Ultrasonic Control, Internal Friction, Uniaxial Stress, Ultrasonic Method, Loaded Complex Oscillator
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