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International Journal of Biomaterials Science and Engineering
International Journal of Biomaterials Science and Engineering covers all aspects of scientific and technological advancements in the fields of biomaterials; medical, biological, and nanoscale sciences; and bio-inspired computing. The journal integrates the latest advancements in computing science with evolutionary approaches. The journal encourages the development of new materials and biological engineering design in the context of biology, as well as designs for all scales, from micro- to nano- levels. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, technical reports, and case studies on the latest findings of new methodologies, technologies, and products.
About This Journal
The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:
⊙ Advanced functional materials
⊙ Artificial organs and tissues
⊙ Bioengineering materials
⊙ Bio-inspired computation techniques
⊙ Biological materials
⊙ Biological response to nanomaterials
⊙ Biomaterial characterization
⊙ Biomaterial synthesis
⊙ Biomaterials and bioinformatics
⊙ Biomaterials and biometric computer security
⊙ Biomaterials and biometric information security
⊙ Biomaterials and biometric security
⊙ Biomaterials and biosensors
⊙ Biomaterials and cardiovascular devices
⊙ Biomaterials and computer applications
⊙ Biomaterials and soft computing
⊙ Biomaterials at the nano level
⊙ Bio-nanomaterials and nanotechnology
⊙ Computational biomaterials
⊙ Dna computing
⊙ Medical devices
⊙ Microscopy and materials characterization techniques
⊙ Modeling of behavior of biomaterials
⊙ Nano biomaterials
⊙ Nano biosensors
⊙ Nano computing
⊙ Nano thin films
⊙ Nanomaterials for biomedical applications
⊙ Novel applications of biomaterials
⊙ Novel materials and their application
⊙ Processes for biomaterials synthesis
⊙ Tissue engineering
⊙ Use of biomaterials in biometrics
⊙ Use of biomaterials in engineering research
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