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American Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science
American Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science is the authoritative peer-reviewed journal publishing state-of-the-art studies of innovative solutions to problems in air, water, and land contamination and waste disposal. It will provide an effective forum for the dissemination of environmental research, encouraging interdisciplinary research collaboration to address the multi-faceted nature of environmental problems. It will address all aspects of environmental engineering and applied environmental science.
ISSN Print: 2381-4691
ISSN Online: 2381-4713
About This Journal
The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:
⊙ Nature and environment
⊙ Activities and intelligence systems
⊙ Artificial intelligence systems
⊙ Knowledge-based systems
⊙ Air, water and land pollution
⊙ Toxic and radioactive pollution
⊙ Water supply and resources
⊙ Agriculture and fisheries
⊙ Transportation
⊙ Oil and gas
⊙ Mining and metallurgy
⊙ Industrial processing
⊙ Resources management and processing
⊙ Areas of conflict
⊙ Environmental technologies
⊙ Information technologies
⊙ Health and safety
⊙ Risk assessment and management
⊙ Marketing and economics
⊙ Engineering innovations
⊙ Engineering development
⊙ Engineering technical solutions
⊙ Climate change
⊙ Complex and adaptive systems
⊙ Contaminant fate and transport
⊙ Environmental risk assessment and management
⊙ Environmental sensors
⊙ Green technologies
⊙ Industrial ecology
⊙ Sustainability
⊙ Environmental policy
⊙ Energy and environment
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