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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to serve as a forum to share the knowledge on research advances in animal and veterinary sciences covering infectious and non-infectious diseases, production aspects and related public health concerns. Thrust areas including epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and control of economically important, emerging and re-emerging pathogens of livestock, poultry and wild life are encouraged. We also welcome research on novel approaches for boosting animal production, nutrition and management, genetic improvement, and clinical and paraclinical veterinary care.
About This Journal
The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:
⊙ Animal pathology
⊙ Animal hygiene
⊙ Animal environmental
⊙ Animal behaviour and welfare
⊙ Animal protection
⊙ Animal genetics and breeding
⊙ Animal reproduction and nutrition
⊙ Animal husbandry
⊙ Animal health
⊙ Viral diseases
⊙ Disease and prevention in animals
⊙ Veterinary medicine
⊙ Veterinary pharmacology
⊙ Veterinary toxicology
⊙ Veterinary skills
⊙ Veterinary practice
⊙ Natural ecosystems
⊙ Security and safety
⊙ Anatomy
⊙ Cell biology
⊙ Diagnostic pathology
⊙ Hydrology
⊙ Growth
⊙ Immunology
⊙ Microbiology
⊙ Bacterial diseases
⊙ Metabolic disorders
⊙ Physiology
⊙ Pharmacology
⊙ Parasitology
⊙ Poultry science
⊙ Drug discoveries and therapeutics
⊙ Water treatment and management systems
⊙ Dairy science and management systems
⊙ Biochemistry of tissues and organ systems
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