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A Physicochemical Method for Glucose Controlled Release of Depot Insulin in Vitro
Current Issue
Volume 2, 2017
Issue 5 (September)
Pages: 20-24   |   Vol. 2, No. 5, September 2017   |   Follow on         
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Ian Frederick Turnbull, PO Box 12533 Abeckett Street Melbourne Victoria Australia 8006.
Proteins, including insulin, can be release from gels made from poly-hydroxyl polymers in response to glucose in the surrounding media in vitro. The release increases with increasing glucose concentration over the range 0 to 200 mM. The result was demonstrated in normal saline at room temperature and artificial plasma at 37°C. The protein containing gels are amenable to injection through narrow gauge hypodermic needles.
Diabetes, Insulin, Smart, Depot, Release, Glucose, Responsive, Stimulated
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