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The Role of Mobility Management in Macrocell-Femtocell for LTE Network Using H.D.A
Current Issue
Volume 5, 2018
Issue 1 (January)
Pages: 1-16   |   Vol. 5, No. 1, January 2018   |   Follow on         
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Umar Danjuma Maiwada, Faculty of Natural and Applied Science, Mathematics & Computer-Science Department, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, Nigeria.
The population of users grows fast, that leads to an exponential increase in traffic demand for the mobile network. Offloading traffic to the macrocell is becoming the major concern of operators. Femtocells offer excellent indoor voice and data coverage. As well Femtocells can enhance the capacity and offload traffic from Macrocell networks. There are several issues that must be taken into consideration for the successful deployment of Femtocells. One of the most important issues is mobility management. Since Femtocells will be deployed densely, randomly, and by the millions, providing and supporting seamless mobility and handoff procedures is essential. LTE is an emerging wireless data communication technology to provide broadband ubiquitous Internet access. Femtocells are included in 3GPP since Release 8 to enhance the indoor network coverage and capacity. The main challenge of mobility management in hierarchical LTE structure is to guarantee efficient handover to or from/to/between Femtocells. Conventional handoff algorithms used in macrocell need some modifications to well satisfy handover management in integrated macrocell femtocell network. The handover is the most important part in the mobility management, because the handover is frequently occurred when UE is moving, hence the handover number directly affects the system performance, and network QoS. A sophisticated HO decision algorithm can improve the performance of system. Current issues and role of mobility management and handoff management are discussed. Several research works are overviewed and classified. Finally, some open and future research issues are discussed.
Mobility Management, LTE Network, Handover Decision Algorithm
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