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On Seismic Manifestations of Intensive Atmospheric Processes
Current Issue
Volume 1, 2014
Issue 5 (November)
Pages: 99-104   |   Vol. 1, No. 5, November 2014   |   Follow on         
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M. I. Yaroshevich, Research and Production Association 'Typhoon', Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia.
L. Kh. Ingel, Research and Production Association 'Typhoon', Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia.
D. A. Lysenko, Research and Production Association 'Typhoon', Obninsk, Kaluga Region, Russia.
It is known long ago that atmospheric processes lead to generation of the seismic signals. But for a long time seismologists considered that only as a noise. In the recent years, the additional motivations appeared for study of such signals. There are two different aspects: 1) Using of signals with a low amplitude. Seismic signals as a source of information (prompt recording of hazardous phenomena, monitoring, warning system, forecasting for very short periods). 2) Dramatic effects. Possible influence of atmospheric processes on a seismic activity. So, seismic manifestations of atmospheric processes are needed to investigate – both as such useful signals and as a noise. The article presents some of the relevant results of the authors of recent years.
Seismic, Intensive Atmospheric Processes, Thunderstorms, Convective Clouds, Tornadoes, Tropical Cyclones
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