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Recruitment and Selection Process of a Private Commercial Bank in Bangladesh
Current Issue
Volume 2, 2015
Issue 5 (September)
Pages: 54-58   |   Vol. 2, No. 5, September 2015   |   Follow on         
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Abu Zafar Mahmudul Haq, Department of Business Administration, City University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The objectives of the study are to evaluate the existing recruitment and selection process of the Dhaka Bank Ltd. The selection of the Dhaka Bank Ltd., its’ head office and sample respondents are done purposively. Total thirty three numbers of employees of the credit information division of the head office of the Dhaka Bank Ltd. were investigated for the purpose of opinion survey through pre structured questions as per the census method of the sampling. Secondary source were also used. Simple statistical tools such as percentage were used as the method for data interpretation. The survey period was March-April, 2015. Findings of the study show mixed outcomes. At the end of the study, some suggestions were made to review the current recruitment and selection process of the bank that will lead to improve organizational performance.
Dhaka Bank Ltd., Recruitment, Selection
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