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Assessment of the Relation Between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty (Case Study: Iran Insurance Co)
Current Issue
Volume 4, 2016
Issue 5 (October)
Pages: 102-106   |   Vol. 4, No. 5, October 2016   |   Follow on         
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Farzaneh Yekrang Safakar, Management, Rasht Azad University, Rasht, Iran.
Maryam Haghshenas, Media Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Abouzar Sadeghzadeh, Electronics & Telecoms Engineering, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK.
The aim of this paper is to assess the effect of service quality on customer loyalty for Iran Insurance Company’s Tehran province customers. In order to evaluate service quality, Servprov’s performance based scale model was utilized. This model consists of physical appearance, reliability, answerability, guarantee, and empathy aspects. For customer loyalty assessment, factors such as purchase repetition and referrals to others were considered. The research is descriptive and Likert’s multiple answer survey was used. The statistical audience consisted of all Iran Insurance’s customers in the province of Tehran. The statistical sample was formed by 420 individuals who were selected by random sampling. For correlation analysis, Pearson’s correlation analysis was used. Results showed that at 95% reliability, service quality had significant effect on customer loyalty.
Physical Appearance, Answerability, Guarantee, Reliability, Empathy, Servprov Model, Customer Loyalty
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