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Dynamics of a Trematode Parasite Euclinostomum laterostomum in the Fresh Water Fish Catla catla of Hyderabad Lakes
Current Issue
Volume 1, 2013
Issue 1 (December)
Pages: 1-6   |   Vol. 1, No. 1, December 2013   |   Follow on         
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P. Anil Kumar, Lecturer in Zoology, P. R.Govt College(A) Kakinada,A.P.
Geeta Rajlingam, Head & Professor, Dept.of Zoology,University College for Women, Osmania University,Hyderabad.
The first aim of this study was to determine the helminth parasite fauna of fresh water major carps Catla catla in the surrounding lakes of Osman sagar located at 17”22’28.12”N and 78”18.02.05”E and Himayat Sagar located at 17’19’59”N and 78”21’40’46”E and local tanks of Hyderabad. In the nearby lakes of Hyderabad the fish is naturally harvested where as in the coastal districts most of the carps were cultured . The other aim was to investigate the prevalence and mean intensity of parasite species on the host fish and in relation to fish size and monthly changes. In this study, the three parasite species identified on the host fish and changes in their population patterns were determined in terms of fish size and months.The study results showed that the most common parasite was E.laterostomum. This species has been known as a parasite of various freshwater fish,found most commonly in Catla catla ,Labeo rohita ,Cyprinus carpio . During this study, infection with Euclinostomum laterostomum was recorded on fish in all months with the exception of April. Mean intensity of Euclinostomum laterostomum varies significantly among the months(P<0.05). The maximum mean intensity recorded inMay (69.23 %) and minimum in June (17.64%).The infection parameters of a trematode are studied in the six size classes of fish. The distribution of infra populations of E.laterostomum did not vary significantly with size class of fish (P>0.05). This parasite species was found on all size of host fish Catla catla. The parasite attained maximum level on the largest fish specimens. In the present study, the infection of E.laterostomum was higher in small size classes(I-III) and in the largest size classes (VI), and lower in medium size classes (IV-V).
Trematodes, Euclinostomum Laterostomum, Catla catla, Prevalence, Maximum And Minimum Intensity, Osman Sagar, Himayat Sagar
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